2014 Achievements

It’s almost the end of the year so I thought I would take the opportunity to reflect on my achievements during 2014 before the holidays start. It is a good way for me to put the year into perspective and focus on my goals for 2015.

Main Achievements

Learnt Rails

I decided to launch wpvulndb.com in Rails early on as I already knew Ruby and wanted to learn Rails for a while. This was the perfect opportunity.

Launched wpvulndb.com

Thanks to BruCON’s 5by5 initiative and my fellow WPScan Team members I was able to develop and launch wpvulndb.com.

Started and stopped selling on markets

Not many people know this but I started a small side business selling traditional British sweets on local French markets. Unfortunately it was a time sink and wasn’t very profitable on most days. I decided to stop pursuing this. Although I had great fun learning the basics of practical business. Buying goods and selling them.

Started Freelancing

I left my reasonably well paid and stable job at RandomStorm where I was happy. I made this decision because I’ve always wanted to work for myself and it just seemed like the right time to do it. My first 6 months of freelancing have been successful and I hope it will become even more successful in 2015.

Blog Posts

Blog post count = 8

I feel my blog post count has been a little low but I can’t force myself to write them and I enjoy writing them when I have sudden inspiration. I hope to maybe write more in 2015 but who knows when inspiration will strike.


Books read count = 4

Currently Reading

Bought but haven’t started

A mix of business, science, security and development. My favorite book was How to Get Rich, although the title is very off putting don’t let that fool you. Sadly the author, Felix Dennis, passed away this year. I hope to read more books in 2015 on these topics.


Conference count = 2

In 2015 I hope to attend more conferences, especially some Ruby/Rails/WordPress ones. Know of any I shouldn’t miss?

Public Speaking

Public Speaking count = 1

  • BruCON 5by5 - WPVULNDB Launch

I hope to talk at some smaller conferences/gatherings in 2015. Want me to come and speak at yours? I’d love to talk about WPScan and WordPress Security.