YouTube Windows Exploit Suggester

YouTube is fast becoming the number one choice for content on family TVs thanks to ‘smart’ TVs and gadgets like Google’s Chromecast. Recording, editing and uploading videos is also becoming much easier. Almost everyone in the western world owns a powerful smart phone with a built in camera. Generally, people also have computers powerful enough to edit videos in less and less time. And finally, relatively fast Internet speeds to upload the final video (as well as consume videos).

With all this in mind, it is easy to see how consuming and publishing content on YouTube is going to keep on growing.

Creating YouTube videos is a very creative process which can be challenging, which makes it fun. Ensuring the video quality is good (minimum 720p), the ‘scene’ is good, the video editing process, choice of background music, audio quality and thinking about suitable topics. All that is topped off with, hopefully, positive feedback, in the form of likes, views, shares, etc, from the viewers.

For the reasons discussed we have decided to experiment a little with publishing our own YouTube videos. The first video is not a very ambitious one, this is to ease us into the creation process. In the video we take a look at an easy to use but very useful script called Windows Exploit Suggester. We recently found the tool useful during a Citrix Breakout test for one of our clients to escalate privileges.

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